About SunGas Renewables

SunGas Renewables provides gasification and gas conditioning technology that converts the sun’s energy from organic wood wastes, at the highest efficiencies possible, into renewable syngas to produce low carbon gaseous and liquid biofuels, while simultaneously reducing the adverse effects of various waste streams on the environment.

We are transforming these organic wastes into clean reliable bio-syngas which can be used to produce “drop in” gaseous and liquid biofuels which are indistinguishable from current fossil derived fuels like hydrogen, natural gas, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. The low carbon biofuel versions of these fuels can be used in the same applications, without any changes to existing infrastructure or end-use technologies, and can assist industry and governments in meeting their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals.

SunGas deploys proven commercial technologies and depending on the design of the facility and which technologies are deployed and feedstocks utilized, the resulting biofuel can have a near-zero, zero, or below-zero carbon intensity (CI) to meet the needs of the purchaser.

Transform your biomass power generation facilities into RNG production sites.

SunGas Renewables Expertise

Robert Rigdon

Mr. Rigdon brings decades of executive leadership to SunGas and has unparalleled experience leading the deployment of gasification systems globally.

From 2008 to 2020, Mr. Rigdon held executive leadership positions including the President and CEO at Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc., (SES) where he was responsible for overseeing the commercialization, implementation, and operation of SES’s gasification projects worldwide.

Under his leadership, SES commercialized gasification technology based on U-Gas® technology licensed from GTI. He played an integral role in establishing multiple business enterprises in China, which completed five industrial scale-gasification projects between 2008 and 2016, and established gasification technology and equity business platforms in Australia and Europe.

Prior to SES, Mr. Rigdon held senior positions in GE’s gasification business in a variety of capacities, and held positions of increasing responsibility in chemical manufacturing operations and development, construction, and start-up of large-scale facilities at Texaco. He has a Mechanical Engineer with a B.S. degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Photo of Vann Bush SunGas Renewables President
Vann Bush

Mr. Bush has a 40-year career in energy technology development and deployment. He has led efforts to create and mature valuable technology-based solutions that improve the quality of life through smarter production and processing of energy resources. The portfolio of projects has ranged from optimizing the environmental performance and productivity of hydraulic fracturing production, demonstrating biofuels production process, and proving CO2 capture and utilization technologies. Mr. Bush has managed and led projects in biomass thermal conversion, source and ambient emissions monitoring, emissions control systems, and technologies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Bush has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics from the University of North Alabama, and an M.S. in Physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Phot of David LaMont SunGas Renewables Vice President of Project Development
David C. LaMont, Ph.D.
Vice President Project Development

Dr. LaMont is a recognized expert in thermal conversion energy technologies and has nearly two decades of experience in technology assessment, deployment and financing. He worked for 10 years in the global energy business for ConocoPhillips leading efforts in business and technology analysis as well as large scale technology deployment. Previously, he held roles in two hydrogen and fuel cell technology startup companies. Dr. LaMont has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Washington State University.

Photo of Daniel LaFevers SunGas Renewables Vice President of Business Development
Daniel S. LeFevers
Vice President Business Development

Mr. LeFevers has a 30-year career in the energy business working for Peoples Energy in Chicago leading the company’s natural gas vehicle program and then with GTI in project and program development. He has experience with energy policy and projects including extensive collaboration with scientists and engineers to deploy energy technologies. Mr. LeFevers has experience in business development and governmental affairs in various roles at Peoples Energy, Waste Management and GTI. Dan also led development and project efforts for a site-specific engineering design for an RNG production facility fueled by wood wastes. Mr. LeFevers has a BA in Speech Communication and MA in Organizational Leadership.

Andrew Kramer
Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Kramer brings critical experience to the SunGas team with his years of experience directing the design, installation, and operation of U-GAS® gasification technology, which is the core technology in SunGas’ fluidized bed gasification product.

As Senior Director for GTI, he has overseen all aspects of design, installation, operation, and maintenance of GTI’s pilot-scale gasification and related facilities including fuel feeding, gas feeding, syngas cleaning, conditioning, and end-use systems. Mr. Kramer has deep knowledge of multiple gasification technologies using a variety of woody biomass feedstocks, and has been involved in integration of gasification technology in gas-to-liquid conversions processes, including the TIGAS™ (Topsoe Improved Gasoline Synthesis) process, Fischer-Tropsch, and methanation systems.

Mr. Kramer was also responsible for corporate safety at GTI. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Tri-State University in Angola, Indiana.

Jim Patel Technical and Project Advisor, Gasification
Jim Patel
Technical and Project Advisor, Gasification

Mr Patel has over 30 years of technical and management experience in energy and environment, project management, deployment of gasification and related technologies and contract negotiations both in the U.S. and internationally. He has led technical teams overseeing the deployment of commercial gasification systems globally working with Carbona/Andritz, Tampella Power Corporation and Institute of Gas Technology. Mr. Patel has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Loyola University.