Convert biomass power generation facilities to RNG production sites

99% less conventional air pollutants than the existing biomass power generation facilitySunGas can transform biomass power generation facilities into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production sites that produce 99% less conventional air pollutants than the existing site, and the RNG has a lower CI than the electricity that was being produced previously. This transformation can greatly improve local air quality and create a low-carbon fuel.

We are accessing biomass conversion, gas quality, clean-up, and processing know how and technologies from GTI. Our goal is to ensure that all utility pipeline specifications are met to the satisfaction of pipeline owners and local natural gas utilities while providing a high-quality and lowest-carbon renewable substitute for natural gas.

SunGas Renewables combines the expertise of engineers, scientists, and those with decades of experience in developing RNG projects. This collaboration leads to the construction of RNG production facilities that are safe, reliable, and capable of delivering product for decades.

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